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Eastring is an alternative to South Stream fully compliant with all EU rules and their spirit, a project with unrestricted access for third parties.

Eastring secures natural gas supply for 100% of all Balkan countries’ consumption.

Eastring provides western shippers with possibility to supply Balkan countries and even Turkey from European hubs (NCG, Gaspool, Baumgarten, PSV).

Eastring is a new pipeline corridor ready for future gas imports to Europe from well-established and also alternative sources – Black Sea area, Caspian region, Middle East, potential Turkish hub, etc.

Eastring allows additional utilization for existing transit and storage assets in Central and Eastern Europe (CZ, SK, PL, UA, RO, BG).

Eastring benefits from shortest possible path, maximum utilization of existing assets and its future flexibility and multipurpose possibilities.

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