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EU Stream

EASTRING is a brand-new pipeline project for Central and Southeastern Europe which represents an important step towards the Single European Market in the vision of the Energy Union.

The EASTRING project is a bi-directional gas transmission pipeline of annual capacity between 208,000 GWh to 416,000 GWh (ca. 20 billion m3 to 40 billion m3), extending from the Slovak border in Veľké Kapušany to the Turkish-EU border. EASTRING connects the existing gas infrastructure between Slovakia, Hungary/Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria.

EASTRING will offer direct and most cost-effective transmission route between Turkey and the rest of Europe. By offering the opportunity for diversification of transmission routes as well as supply sources it will enhance the security of supply in the broader Central-South Eastern Europe region. EASTRING will transport natural gas from different areas and alternative sources – It will bring gas from Turkish border to Europe (prospective Caspian, Middle East natural gas, LNG gas, as well as Russian natural gas flowing via Turkish territory) and also from European liquid gas hubs to Turkey. In the same time, it will provide South Eastern Europe with gas from European liquid gas hubs. The whole capacity will be available to any shipper or supplier.

The promoter of the project EASTRING is, among others, EUSTREAM. EUSTREAM, the Slovak Gas TSO, is a modern company with a longstanding tradition and extensive experience in the transmission of natural gas. Our transmission system, which passes through the Slovak Republic, comprises a reliable segment of the international transmission network and is one of the most important transmission routes for natural gas to Europe and the European Union.